The short story behind every track. 

You Are P.E.

This track is a remake of my own Edm track You Are that i did with Matthew Titmouse 2020. It's a track about great loss. Dedicated to the people we have lost and preserve the memories of them in our hearts. Losing someone can feel like a deep vaccum.

....I know!

How To Love

This track tells a story that love should be free in terms how you learn it. And first of all it should make you happy.  Sometimes it can also be hard to love yourself.
And it takes time. 

Believe In Us

I wanted to do a wide folk Pop/Edm vibe in this one. It tells a story that one person believes in it. But the other one don't.
The most important thing is always what you think about yourself. Sometimes people change, remember that. 

Fixing Us

This was my first Progressive Edm/House track. I first just made it a free track on Soundcloud. During that time i meet Marco Finotti alias Roundrobin from Italy and we agreed on doing this one together .

It's a love song that you don't wanna go to sleep upset with the one you love. Try fix things the best way you can if possible.   

World On Fire

World on fire was written in the start of the pandemi of covid and it was a time when everybody blamed eatch other for it instead of coming together. I think our planet is telling us something!
The message is very clear! The track also support all efforts in taking care of our planet in anyway we can!  

You Are

I am very proud of this Edm track its was my first. I wanted it to have less bass in it. At the time i used my own custom synth in it for the first time. And that synth uses alot of lows and I wanted to experiment a bit with that without using any dynamic EQ:ing. The story you already know from before. :) 

Lose Heart

Lose Heart are from the start inspired by the movie Braveheart with Mel Gibson.

  The feeling Scotlands king had when he betrayed William Wallice and he lost his heart.  But then I transformed it to encurage young people to never lose heart and keep on moving forward. The track and music video is now first of all dedicated and emphasizes the importance of young health in our time.   

Calling Out For You

The track was made together with a singer called, Green Baker from Lagos. 
The story is very simple but in real life it can be hard. And what is that?

To find someone that you feel was meant for you!