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Stay With Me, Artist, COY Swede and Scarlett
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[ Tunepical ]
Swedish Artist and producer COY Swede is back with an undeniable radio-friendly pop smash titled "Stay With Me" featuring songstress Scarlett. Hi is a rarity why?  [ Read More ]  

[ Music Farmer 5 ]
Every now and then, a track comes along that merges the familiar with the novel, delivering a musical experience that truly resonates with listeners from all backgrounds. "Stay With Me" by COY Swede (featuring the vocal talents of Scarlett) is THAT TRACK! [ Read More

[ June 23 2023 ]
This fresh track,“Stay With Me,”is perfect for anyone in a romantic mood who wants to set the atmosphere just right. Produced by COY Swede and mixed and mastered by one of Taylor Swift’s studio engineers, it offers a laid-back vibe. Vocal by Scarlett.

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[ November 29 2023 ]
This is the first time COY Swede ventures into RnB by joining forces with J.O.Y. In an instant, you will be blown away as the quality of his new single “Never Ever” feels like charting song material. Read our exclusive interview with both artists!

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Music Video, Never Ever feat. J.O.Y